Human factor institute team, welcomes you. Let us thank you for choosing to learn more about us. We have more than 30 years of experience in human factor management in aviation and hi-risk occupations systems. Aviation is a demanding field, that's why regulations are strictly followed in order to assure flight safety and human life. Our experience in combination with our qualifications as aviation and crisis psychologists and therapists give us an opportunity to adapt our knowledge and skills in other fields of life.

Aviation & Safety

Based on our extensive aviation experience, we created precise methods for pilot aptitude testing. Since 1988, our team participates in accidents and incidents investigations.
Since 1995, we conduct CRM, TRM, DRM trainings.

Peer Support Programme

Since 2014, we develop, implement and manage peer support programs - a complete solution for aviation industry needs. We founded Crisis support team LZ, which supports affected people after an event of crisis.

"Fly over Fear" program

Thanks to our psychological experience, in 2010 we introduced "Fly over Fear" program. It's unique and unites professionals from the aviation field. Over 90% of our customers coped well with the negative effects of their phobia, even some of them choose a career in aviation.

Psychology & Psychotherapy

Consulting and psychotherapy (systematic and existential approach), EMDR & trauma therapy, motivational interviewing "a talk for change". Diagnostics & testing with standardised methods, qualifications in accordance to National test committee at Bulgarian psychology society.

My smart life

My smart life aims to improve your knowledge and skills, needed for maintaining work-life & health balance. The program has two main directions - individual growth and employee well-being in the organisation.

Publications & projects

Empirical researches, active participation in National & European projects in safety field, employee assistance and well-being.

Human Factor Institute founders

Елена Пенчева, н. с. I ст.

Elena Pentcheva

Aviation psychologist, EAAP AP 042/2005

Psychologist BG-RP 0470, ISCO 2634-6001; Family psychotherapist 2634-6004; Clinical psychologist 2634-6002; EMDR; Crisis psychologist; Human factor & CRM facilitator

Десислава Георгиева

Desislava Georgieva

Aviation psychologist, EAAP AP 047/2007

Psychologist BG-RP 0565, ISCO 2634-6001; Family psychotherapist 2634-6004; Clinical psychologist 2634-6002; Crisis psychologist ICISF MN: 45417; EMDR; Human factor & CRM facilitator

Latest news

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Програма за партньорска подкрепа (Peer Support Programme)

  Взаимовръзки в програмата за партньорска подкрепа    Институт по Човешки Фактор – независим външен доставчик, обезпечаващ цялостното създаване, поддържане, координиране и мониториране на програмата. Също така предоставяме и консултиране на процеса по имплементиране на Read more…

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