"Human being with its problems, opportunities and feelings is at the base of flight safety"

The main areas of expertise of Human factor institute members are selection and consulting in the safety critical industries. Trainings for human factor performance of employees, ensuring safety regulations compliance.  Improvement of working conditions and workload control amid employees. Analysis and assessment of work related stress. Human factor analysis during development and implementation of new complex and safety critical systems. Stress management in critical events. Coping with fear of flying symptoms. Flight safety assurance among flight and cabin crews, security officers and security programs of the airports and airlines. Investigation and analysis of the human factor role in accidents and incidents. Our team members take part as experts during investigations of "National transportation safety board" at Bulgarian Ministry of transport , assessing human factor contribution.

  • Instructor
  • Captain
  • Compatibility in flight crews
  • Compatibility for work place of air traffic controllers
  • Professional pilots
  • Private pilots
  • Air trafic controllers
  • Maintenance staff
  • Cabin crew

  • Professional pilots
  • Air trafic controllers
  • Cabin crew

  • Basic operator qualities
  • Multitasking
  • Personality & Behaviour Assessment
  • Human factors

  • Stress & fatigue in aviation

  • Disruptive passengers handling

  • Crash survival training

  • Terrorism

  • Family Support

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Certified EAAP aviation psychologists, experienced in the aviation domain in Europe and Africa. Development with Bioinformatic models during psychology assessment. Statistical analysis of empirical data for quality control and development in the aviation field.


Development of online based software for selection of operators in hi-risk occupation systems, 2003.

Stress and fatigue management training, 2019

"Bulgaria Air" employees training for managing and assisting in humanitarian crisis/family support and during incidents and accidents events.

PREFoCuS – Prevention Distress Fatigue in Civil aviation, Erasmus+ mandate : March 2015

A pilot study: compatibility in flight crews of Avio Delta, 2010. 

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