Psychology interventions

Difference between counselling, psychotherapy, trauma-psychotherapy and psychiatric treatment.

Methods/approaches - systemic (Family Psychotherapy) and existential approach; EMDR sessions; Trauma-focused therapy; Motivational Interviewing "talk for change"

We can be of help during problems in following domains:

  • Family-related issues - communication problems, existential hardships, changes in family structure, emotional distress/bulling, parenting, relationship problems, betrayals, separation, divorce
  • Work-related problems - conflicts, bad communication, fatigue, distress, Burnout, Bore-out
  • Anxiety & Related Disorders - fears/phobias (Social anxiety, Separation anxiety, Fear of Flying; Claustrophobia, Agoraphobia, Panic Disorder, Generalised Anxiety Disorder)
  • Change related difficulties - eliciting “behavior change” for better health/communication overall better functioning/satisfaction; adaptation to new lifestyle (losses, habits, health practice/regime..); existential dilemmas


      Certified for:

 Personality & Behaviour Assessment

  • MBTI
  • NEO-P-3
  • MMPI
  • Dark Four
  • Resilience

 High Risk Occupation Qualities

  • Assessment Center Behaviour
  • Occupational stress

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